Join us to help raise funds for The Circuit at the Borg-B-Q fund Raiser. Featuring our Favourite Borg Icheb!

Manu Intiraymi and Valerie Marie Leslie will be joining us here in Leeds, Uk on Saturday August the 12th starting at 2pm.

Tickets are 100£ per person and are limited to 30 tickets.
Tickets include a Steak and Potato dinner cooked on a Charcoal Grill. Vegetarian options will also be available. Also included in the price is a Signed photo of yourself and Manu! (Digital copies also available) As well as the chance to hang out and chat!

A small auction will also be held during the event for those attending. The Auction will also be live streamed.

All Proceeds from the BBQ are going to support The Circuit directly.

You can purchase your Ticket here